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CarPoolAdda is a dynamic and seamless carpool mobile application, everything is done in real-time right when you need it at your fingertips

When you are ready to go, just use CarPoolAdda, look for co-riders in real-time. The system matches you with most coherent users and provides a seamless carpooling. CarPoolAdda has unique features based on best carpool matching algorithm and different from conventional carpooling.
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Why to Carpool with CarPoolAdda ?

Save Money & Fuel
Fuel is really expensive and creates big hole in our pockets, Carpooladda ensures that you save both
Reduce Traffic
Carpooladda enable you to share car hence reducing number of cars on the road
Rating & Matching
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Rate your co-riders from carpool, based on your experience of carpool with them
Real Time App
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Seamless & dynamic ride share on your finger tips for initiating carpool
Safe Carpooling
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Unique features which assure safe carpooling with other CarPoolAdda users
Social Networking
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Increase your social network and make new fiends through Carpooladda
Protect Environment
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By ride share, your 2 cents towards saving environment by reducing carbon emission and carbon footprints.
The Choice Is Yours
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Yes, we know our safety features are cool, but the best one is your own gut feeling.
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